Our Team

Grip Holiday has dedicated his life to exploring and sharing the wonders of Texas. Growing up with a deep-seated love for the Lone Star State, Grip spent his childhood immersed in the rich history, diverse wildlife, and vibrant culture that Texas has to offer. This early passion fueled his lifelong journey to become a respected expert on all things Texas.

Grip’s extensive knowledge covers a wide range of topics, including Texas wildlife, history, cuisine, cities, and festivals. He has spent years traveling across the state, engaging with local communities, and learning from the unique experiences each region provides. His hands-on approach has allowed him to gather a wealth of information and insights that he now shares with others.

With a knack for storytelling and a genuine desire to help, Grip provides practical solutions and fascinating facts for those interested in Texas. Whether it’s uncovering little-known historical anecdotes, identifying the best spots to witness Texas wildlife, recommending must-try Texan dishes, or highlighting the most exciting festivals, Grip’s insights are invaluable to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Texas.

Grip’s approachable style and extensive expertise make him an excellent resource for solving Texas-related problems and enhancing the experience of both residents and visitors. His advice is not only informative but also accessible, ensuring that everyone can appreciate the beauty and complexity of Texas.

Through his work, Grip Holiday continues to inspire a love for Texas, helping people discover and connect with the state’s rich heritage and natural wonders. His dedication to sharing his knowledge ensures that the legacy and allure of Texas are preserved and celebrated for generations to come.

Email: grip@texasisbigger.com